Teddy Perez, a rep for Electrum, has always dreamed of going fast in an exotic sports car.

He got his chance Thursday when he came away as the inaugural Kuubix Grand Prix winner at Speed Vegas in Las Vegas. Electrum earned one of three racing spots as the top overall volume winner.

“It was fun; I’ve never driven anything with this much power,” Perez said moments after he finished his run around the 1.2-mile asphalt track in the yellow Lamborghini Huracan. “Just being able to hit those turns and just kind of be strategic about it and all of the techniques was fun.”

Perez finished, and Electrum took home the top trophy, while Mark Mahan of Amerisave Solar came in second, and Bright World’s Marco Gonzalez finished third.

Amerisave won a spot at the final race by being the most improved dealer, month over month, during the competition. Bright World won its trip after Gonzalez finished as the top individual rep.

Gonzalez didn’t perform as well as he would have liked on the track where he took third place in the Porsche GT3.

“In the end, you can’t win every first place,” said a smiling Gonzalez. “No one can be first place on many deals. I like to be safe and secure. So I secured my deals.

“The track, not so much this time. Got to let somebody else get the first place.”

Mahan came away thrilled from his experience.

“It was amazing,” said Mahan, who drove a Ferrari. I’ve never done it before, and I never thought I would get the chance to drive a Ferrari, and doing that was really, really cool.

“I was kind of hoping for the top spot, but I’m realistic.”

Perez, meanwhile, was pleased about finishing first but is vowing to do better when he and his team earn the right to be invited back next year.

“I felt like I did good, but if I did it again, I feel like I’d do better,” Perez said. “I feel like I could have gotten a little bit better on the turns but this long strip right here where you could really throttle it was great.”

Mahan said he would love another crack at the Kuubix Grand Prix, too.

“It was a lot of fun,” he said. “I’d do it again if Kuubix was paying for it.”

The competitor in Gonzalez already has him plotting for the next go around, too.

“Next year, I’m very motivated,” he said. “I want to get first place all across. You can put that in the books.”

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