LANCASTER – December 15, 2021 – On Wednesday, December 15th, Kuubix Global (Kuubix) along with state and local officials, and community stakeholders held a groundbreaking for a new community solar project in Lancaster, CA. 

 The solar project is a partnership with the Southern California Edison (SCE) Community Renewables Program to increase customer access to clean power. 

 “We are thrilled to partner with Southern California Edison’s Community Renewables Program, which will across the region increase customer access to renewable energy,” said Josh Butt, CEO, Kuubix. “I’m proud of our Kuubix team’s unwavering support to lower barriers to entry for residents, businesses, and government entities to source affordable clean energy for their power needs.” 

 The Lancaster solar project is one of only two Community Renewables Program projects in the state to provide off-site renewable energy to households and commercial entities. 

 When operational, the 3 MW-AC solar facility is expected to generate renewable energy to power approximately 1,200 homes in SCE’s service territory. 

 The Community Renewables Program allows customers to receive a portion or all of their energy needs from renewable power by subscribing to the program with Kuubix. Customers who subscribe to the program would not experience any change in their service and will receive a credit on their energy bill based on the amount of renewable energy purchased. Any power that is not subscribed to by a customer is sold back to SCE at a wholesale rate. 

 “Three out of four Californians have a strong interest in buying clean energy and paying into programs to support renewable energy programs,” said Sean Andrews, Executive Vice President, Kuubix. “However, nearly 75% of households and 70% of businesses are unable to install their own solar unit or other renewable power generation system for a variety of reasons, including lack of rooftop space or access, shaded roofs, they rent or lease their property, live in multi-unit buildings or lack access to financing. This project will remove these barriers by allowing customers to purchase renewable energy off-site.” 

 Kuubix will develop and build out the 3 MW project while Solegreen Renewable Energy will invest in and own the solar project and its energy-producing capabilities.  As a company that specializes in the set-up, development, planning, construction, financing, and management of power generation facilities based on renewable energy over time, this Lancaster Community Solar Project fits nicely into Solegreen’s international portfolio. 

 Solegreen placed significant investment into Kuubix half-way through 2021 with projects like this in mind.  Said Solegreen Chairman Gal Bogin, “Expansion into the U.S. market was one of our main objectives for 2021.  Kuubix’s track record for rapid growth and the strength of their management team make them uniquely positioned for continued growth and expansion and an ideal partner for Solegreen.” 

 The project is expected to be operational in late 2022. 



Solegreen has a veteran management team with experience in both the Israeli and global renewable energy industry, and in the leadership of public companies.  The company operates and will own all of the yielding assets (from operation/construction readiness) throughout the operation period of community solar projects. 



Headquartered in Visalia, CA, Kuubix is a full-service solar installation company servicing 5 states from California to Florida. Although recently recognized as the fastest-growing solar installation company in the United States, Kuubix is committed to delivering the highest level of customer care and craftsmanship with their 5-point quality check.  By investing in quality, Kuubix is installing excellence. 


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